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Area & Climate

The Arctic

The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. It is the parallel of latitude that runs 66° 33? 39? (or 66.56083°) north of the Equator. The region north of this circle is known as the Arctic.

The Arctic Circle marks the southern extremity of the polar day (24 hour sunlit day, often referred to as the "midnight sun") and polar night (24 hour sunless night). North of the Arctic Circle, the sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year, and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year. On the Arctic Circle these events occur, in principle, exactly once per year, at the June and December solstices respectively.

In fact, because of atmospheric refraction and because the sun appears as a disk and not a point, part of the midnight sun may be seen on the night of the summer solstice up to about 90 km south of the Arctic Circle; similarly, on the day of the winter solstice part of the sun may be seen up to about 90 km north of the Arctic Circle. This is true at sea level; these limits increase with elevation above sea level, although in mountainous regions there is often no direct view of the horizon.

The position of the Arctic Circle is not fixed, but varies in a complex manner over time.


The city of Rovaniemi and Ranua commune together form the Rovaniemi area

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is an international city at the point where the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki meet. It is a university city, the commercial centre for the area and a city of sport and culture. Rovaniemi consists also of dozens of village centres that are spread out along both sides of the Arctic Circle along the banks of two of the largest rivers in Finland - the Rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki. Its largest centre is the village of Saarenkylä with a population of about 8,500.


Ranua is the most southern municipality in Lapland. It is famous for its zoo and cloudberry marshes.


Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is located on the Arctic Circle, approximately 800 km north of Helsinki with excellent connections.


Rovaniemi appr. 60 000
Ranua commune appr. 5 000
Total appr. 65 000

Land area

Rovaniemi 8 016 km² 
Ranua commune 3 696 km² 
Total 11 712 km² 


The Rovaniemi area is in the arctic zone; the climate is mild, subarctic, and characterised by extreme seasonal changes between darkness and light, cold and warmth.

  • Mean temperature: +0.2°C
  • Annual rainfall: 535 mm
  • Snow stays on the ground 183 days / year.
  • Coldest recorded temperature: -45.3°C.
  • Highest recorded temperature: +30.6°C.

Monthly day-light times

Month Sun rises Sun sets
January 1. 10.58 13.44
February 1. 09.18 15.44
March 1. 06.31 17.29
April 1. 06.31 20.13
May 1. 04.31 22.01
June 1. 02.12 00.17
July 1. - -
August 1. 03.55 22.48
September 1. 05.50 20.42
October 1. 06.28 17.44
November 1. 08.16 15.45
December 1. 10.13 13.58

Lowest and highest temperatures of the month c°

Month Average highest Average lowest
January -9.9 -20.0
February -8.6 -18.4
March -2.7 -14.2
April 3.3 -6.7
May 10.7 0.4
June 17.5 6.9
July 19.7 9.4
August 16.7 7.3
September 10.6 2.9
October 3.3 -2.4
November -3.3 -10.2
December -7.7 -17.3

Weather and clothing

To prepare for the winter­time freezing temperatures, you should have warm lay­ers of clothing and thick outdoor clothing. Footwear should have warm lining and thick soles. Warm headgear, woolly socks and good gloves are all part of winter clothing.
It is important to remember to cover your face with for instance a scarf or commando mask, especially for small children and especially for harsh freezing temperatures.
The wind chill always increases the strength of the freezing temperatures.

Warm safari equipment may be hired from the local safari com­panies.

In other times of the year, it is also worth packing something warm but you should remember that dur­ing the summer from June to August it can also be very warm.

You will not have to worry about mos­quitoes during mid­summer. They do not really appear in the town areas, and if you go into the for­est, it is sufficient to wear long sleeves and trousers. The food shops and service stations sell very effective mosquito repellents.


More information you can find from VisitRovaniemi.


Stay connected!

Free wireless internet for all our customers.
Available throughout the whole hotel.

Film Friendly status, gained as the result of a training program organized by Finnish Lapland Film Commission, means that our personnel has knowledge of the special needs film crews may have and is willing to accommodate them as thoroughly as possible.

We are committed to flexibility, efficiency and confidentiality in our services. Welcome to film on Arctic Circle!

Our services for Film Crews in CityHotel:

Accommodation services
  • 67 Comfort rooms
  • 21 Lux rooms
  • 2 Junior Suites
  • All room rates include breakfast and use of the hotel sauna
  • Reception is open 24h
  • Fax and copying service available in the reception
  • We promise flexibility in case of changes to room reservations and rooming lists at a short notice
Internet connections
  • Free wireless internet connection in all rooms
  • Internet as well as computer in the hotel lobby for client use, both for free
  • Free wireless internet in meeting rooms
Meal services
  • Restaurant MonteRosa is open every day, possibility for private lunch/dinner/meeting arrangements
  • Possibility for early breakfast and late dinner
  • Capacity max. 120 persons
  • Catering services for small and big groups, also for outdoor meals
  • Bull bar & grill is open Mon – Sat, possibility for private dinner/meeting arrangements
  • Max. capacity 80 (for dining) up to 200 persons
Office spaces and storage
  • Meeting rooms Joiku and Saga, located in 4th floor
Parking services
  • Several parking lots at the hotel free of charge, also for trucks, buses, etc.
Equipment and personnel rental
  • VIP-service
  • Transfer services, order supervision, personal protection
  • Technical help desk, private cooks and waitresses
  • Bicycles free of charge
  • Dry cleaning
Area information
  • We are happy to provide information about local services as we have a very good contacts to local suppliers ie. safari companies, restaurants, taxi services, etc.

Contact Person
Jaana Laaksonen
Tel. +358 16 3300 111

Finnish Lapland Film Commission

We provide special accommodation for guests with dogs. Your dog will feel perfectly at home and probably will enjoy his stay as much as you do!

Dog friendly room includes:

• dog pillow
• drinking bowl
• snacks